Programmes and Services

Nutrition Education and Counseling Support
Foods &Nutritional Supplements
Vitamins A, Zinc, Iron & Supplements
Nutrition Assessment Counseling and Support Services (NACS)
Growth Monitoring
Nutrition referral – malnutrition
Support group
Home garden training
Food demonstration/preparation
Household Food Security Training
Food and Nutrition Training ​

Health Education
Treatment of minor illness
Insecticide treated bed nets
Water treatment
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
Drug and Substance Abuse
Community HIV Services – HTS/PMTCT
HIV care and Support
TB Symptoms Screening
Sexual reproductive Health (SRH)
TB service referrer (Diagnostics DOTS)

Re-integration into family clothing Support
Provision/repair of accommodation

Counseling Support
Recreational Activity
Life Skills Support
Adult Mentors
Parental Skills
Caregivers Forum

Training on Gender norms Awareness on Human Rights Fight against Sexual and Gender Based Violence Advocacy for greater inclusion of Woman in the scheme of things Economic empowerment of women through vocational training Financial inclusion of women Formation of village savings and loan associations (VLSA)

Legal Services
Succession planning
Birth registration
Awareness on Gender issues/Gender norms
Foster parenting
Post Rape Care
Physical and emotional violence
Access to legal services
Succession planning awareness
Birth registration awareness .​

Financial Education
Micro-Finance Support
Adolescent Savings Group
Livelihood opportunity
Linkage to public sectors scheme
Linkage to cash transfer scheme
Income generating activity (IGA)
Village Savings and Loan Association (VLSA) ​

Hair dressing
Shoe making
Event & management
Bead making
Aluminum fabrication
Barbing Saloon ​

Linkage to Micro-Finance Bank/Co-operative Group
Health Facilities
Agricultural implement Co-operative and Seedlings
Vocational Training Centre
Food Bank

Advocacy for school enrollment/re-enrollment
Advocacy for waiver of school fees
Facilitate the provision of school material/uniform
School visit
School performance assessment
Enrollment into Early Child Development (ECD) Program
Child Education Awareness and Sensitization ​

Research Project
Projects Implementation
Project Coordination​

Goal Settings
Vocational Training​